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Burcot Boats have developed a kit that you can build into a class qualifying wood/epoxy International Optimist Dinghy, for children from 6 to 15.
We have now moved on to supplying only the data file and the build guide.
Everything you need to build the hull except the actual wood. What you need to do is find a plywood supplier near you, or order the plywood from Robbins in Bristol (UK), find a CNC router operator near you. We will supply the dxf file that contains the cutting data for a CNC router to cut all the ply and MDF parts that are illustrated on this site.

skylark gbr5339

The finished boat is designed to meet all the regulations of IODA and, with careful construction, will pass measuring by the RYA, or your local geographic sanctioning body.

Cutting data files for all the hull plywood parts are included, so you can create your own kit of parts to start from.

Also included in the dxf files are data for all the MDF parts that will enable you to build an accurate jig mould in which to build the boat, this will help you to keep inside the class rules dimensions and tolerances. The kit was developed with the expert help of Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats and is now another of Jordan Boats home build wooden boat kits. If you reall want to buy a kit of parts, ask Alec if he will cut you one...

The data files enables you to have cut all the plywood parts you need to build the hull and foils.

There is the option of building a simple childrens' dinghy without the jig mould, using the plywood parts pulled together with the old stitch and tape method, and then you can buy an ecomony set of "Schools Sails" and spars (not from us), and simple straightforward rigging. This will get you going with a great little childs' boat, but it will not qualify for Optimist class racing.

Buy the data CD direct using PayPal or find the listing on Ebay, or email or call 07768 717702.

The full data set along with pictures of the build process, and a step by step build guide is also available by email.

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